Jay Barry took to maps and the open road like no other—mainly because he was forced at an early age to endure painfully long road trips on summer vacations. It was from the backseat that he learned to read maps, estimate times and distances, and learn the age-old mantra of, “Are we there yet?”

Growing up (Physically if not completely mentally) Jay discovered a passion for motorcycles which his parents vehemently denied until a friend loaned him a Honda Nighthawk 350 in high school. He quickly graduated to a Nighthawk 650 which he pretty much rode into the ground. After a hiatus from motorcycles, he saw a sidecar rig for sale and when he mentioned it to his wife, she asked why he didn’t stop to check it out (Clearly I’m winning!). One month later he was proud owner of a Russian motorcycle sidecar rig (a Ural Patrol) and by the next year he had his very own F650GS. Life can be pretty sweet.

When he’s not getting himself into precarious situations on two or three wheels, he’s either writing novels, or mapping the world for fun and profit.


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